May 24, 2013

Fashion Rule for Abercrombie and Fitch Clothing And Supreme Caps

Fashion Rule for Abercrombie & Fitch Clothing
Don't carry large handbag, it will bring a lot of trouble. A packet to reflect individual character, and the person on your behalf.
Can also put on night clothes( like Abercrombie & Fitch) during the day. This is my favorite one of breaking rules, because every day can be a day about fashion. Every day you must be an optimist.
Bold, bold, and always to be a messenger with a provocative. Don't want to into what people want you to wear. Put on a childhood those clad philosophy. They imagine never is unbounded.
I like to wear very decent to go to the airport. Then on the plane, I'll change, Abercrombie & Fitch's pants.
Even barefoot walking street, I don't want to wear the cheap shoes.
Learn from every woman do you know something. See I think look nice women, I will follow their style.

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Get inspiration from the book, also, from the literature, poetry magazine, inspiration. Fashion is need a lot of cultural things.
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In spring and summer season, the hat is necessary, they can make simple T-shirt also becomes rich rise, and to some extent they still bask in a good helper. How many kinds of hats, how many kinds of matching hair, what hair style collocation and what hat also have greatly exquisite. select 10 Supreme Caps shows, let designers demonstration spring and summer style hats to you the most IN collocation.
Baseball caps collocation is the most common ponytail, sporty, but Y - 3 shows 09 spring/summer gave us a demonstration again. Match up the fluffy hair, tennis hat seems to be less "movement", much a few minutes of fashionable feeling. Remember to shave fluffy head hair, hair with gels. Hair exaggerated contours and cap tightening effect contrast is a contrast effect, very worth to try.
Supreme Baseball cap one than any other one hat is so high, but the future is mounting a fashion trend. Equestrian cap round line is easy to bring the feeling of good girl, with low beam, in order to prevent hair scattered, with a rubber band in the middle part, then hang down to his chest

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