Oct 19, 2012

my family go to buy colthing

Some days ago, my husband had a idea that go for an picnic. My little son was very happy when he heard this news. Everything was ready, but we needed some clothes for picnic. So we planed to go shopping for some cloth. One of my friends wholesale Abercrombie & Fitch clothing, Franklin &Marshall clothing, Superdry clothing,, Superme clothing and so on. So we planed to go to his shop to see the style. When we arrived his shop, I finally selected a sweater of Abercrombie & Fitch. My little son bought a suit of Nike. Yeah! My little son looks very handsome when he wears the suit of Nike. And finally, my wife bought nothing to save money. How nice a woman! Haha! Hope we will have a good picnic! 

Oct 12, 2012

which supreme hoodie is the best?

which supreme hoodie is the best?
wear supreme handsome

wear supreme autophilia

wear supreme lovely

wear supreme hooliganism

wear supreme beatuful

wear supreme tiger

wear supreme roy

wear supreme sweet

do you have other good pictrue?

shopping supreme hood process

One day, I was on line chatting with my friends on MSN. One of my friend in Canada told me that she bought some hoodies on line, and the quality is good enough. I was very happy to hear that, because at that time, I was planning to buy some hoodies too.i love the supreme hood, So my friends shared the site with me. Yeah! When I opened the site, I found the photos on the site looked like very nice. So I decided to buy some to try. At last, I selected two. I submitted my order, then paid for the fee. A week later, I received the products. I could not wait to open the parcel. When it was open, the products were looked nice. I put them on one by one, I was feeling I liked them. Yeah! It was long time ago. It is my first experience on shopping online. It was nice! From then on, I often shop on line. Because shopping online is much cheaper and it is more easy. 

it is supreme hood,wholesale price,free shipping,great!